The Walruscast 1 – The New Elvis

We’re down to a paltry week later than intended this time around, progress! The audio issues from the previous episode should be resolved now except in a few places, and all email adresses mentioned in the episode are real, so good times. We still have that lame intro though.

Edit: It seems the music from the first break lasts a few seconds too long. Sorry about that guys.

In this episode:

  • We discuss the third Humble Bundle
  • Andy says some mean things about Kick It, despite it being a work in progress
  • Quick Save – All games need it
  • The Chief volunteers his eyes for a very special cause, if you’d like to help out, please contact him at
  • Anti-piracy methods we approve of
  • The Bee Gees. A fair bit of this discussion had to be cut from the episode due to yet more audio issues
  • Myke and Andy reveal their inability to memorise the months in the year
  • Controversy!
  • Difficulty in games
  • Min/Maxing
  • Open world RPGs vs the more linear approach
  • Some other topics

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