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The Walruscast has been approved for iTunes! Horray! If any iTunes users out there would leave us a rating or review on our page, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Episode 3 Episode 2 will, like all episodes thus far, be delayed, this time it isn’t waiting for editing, but waiting for everyone to all be in the same country. We promise that it won’t spend as long in the cutting room as previous episodes though, so our rambling and lies will be up to date.

The Walruscast 1 – The New Elvis

We’re down to a paltry week later than intended this time around, progress! The audio issues from the previous episode should be resolved now except in a few places, and all email adresses mentioned in the episode are real, so good times. We still have that lame intro though.

Edit: It seems the music from the first break lasts a few seconds too long. Sorry about that guys.

In this episode:

  • We discuss the third Humble Bundle
  • Andy says some mean things about Kick It, despite it being a work in progress
  • Quick Save – All games need it
  • The Chief volunteers his eyes for a very special cause, if you’d like to help out, please contact him at
  • Anti-piracy methods we approve of
  • The Bee Gees. A fair bit of this discussion had to be cut from the episode due to yet more audio issues
  • Myke and Andy reveal their inability to memorise the months in the year
  • Controversy!
  • Difficulty in games
  • Min/Maxing
  • Open world RPGs vs the more linear approach
  • Some other topics

The Walruscast 0 – Infinite Highlight Machine

It may be almost two weeks later than originally intended, but it is finally here, the zeroth episode of the world’s greatest gaming podcast that features three people in England and is hosted on!

A couple of things first. We make up a lot of email addresses on the spot, please don’t send any emails to them, we don’t actually own Secondly, in this episode there may be a fair few audio issues. We apologise for these and promise that in future episodes they will not be making a reappearance.

Update: Now with 90% less ear-splitting buzz!

In this episode:

  • A truly awful placeholder intro which has been described as “Pornesque”
  • We discuss the Potato ARG
  • We spend a little too long talking about a specific butter advertisement
  • Pastry Cake
  • There were probably some video games in there too