Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Walruscast 4 – Trollboob.jpg

Episode four has arrived, on time for once, but only just, no thanks to those meddling kids. We, uh, may have ran over time. Again.

In this episode:

  • We are joined by special guest Sam, who as far as you know has never been on the ‘cast
  • Techno Nazi
  • The game review score discussion, le sigh
  • We each answer the most important question we will ever face
  • Red Dead Island
  • Red Undead Island
  • Andy recommends Xpadder to Myke and any listeners looking to use console controllers with PC games
  • A new element is discovered – crows
  • Cockroachcaine
  • Myke, Sam and Pandy talk about attending the Collectormania convention
  • Plenty more unspeakable shenanigans

The Walruscast 3 Round Two – My Name Is URL

We record episode three again, with devastating effects. It isn’t our usual recording day, we’re using an experimental audio set up and it’s starting to get pretty late; what could possibly go wrong? Well…

In this episode:

  • We engage wrestlemode
  • Balai mentions Infinite Eve Online Universe Toolbox or something
  • The Classycast makes a guest appearance during a not-break
  • A little Portal 2
  • Webcomics are mentioned, kind of. This is the Penny Arcade Andy refers to
  • A teaser for our new podcast – The Porncast – is released
  • Stealth vs Running and Gunning
  • Hitman needs cooperative play
  • Mark lies about throwing knives
  • Edit at Mark’s request: The Chief spits some whack shit about throwing knives
  • The Saint’s Row phenomenon
  • Some bullshit

The Walruscast 3 – Silence Is Golden

This week we were plagued not by audio issues in the recording, but setup issues during the recording. Three hours were invested into coaxing our new audio rig into life, which was very embarrassing in the presence of a guest to the show. Eventually we decided to revert back to our previous configuration temporarily. Fate, it would seem, had other plans, and by fate, I am of course talking about Audacity, which decided that saving was for losers; creating empty folders apparently being where the real action is at.

TLDR: No episode this week, sorry.

The Walruscast 2 – Open Air Brothel

Late as always, and undoubtedly rife with audio issues, here is episode two. Joined by special guests Allan and Shagal, who may just be one person, this is easily the best episode that has a two in it that we have recorded to date.

In this episode:

  • We open with… a contents page?
  • Myke was in Shanghai and has no interesting stories about it
  • Discussion of box art
  • A new Batman gadget is unveiled
  • Andy has been dealing with some tech support lines recently, expect to see him arrested for murder within the week
  • The BBC got hipster all over Andy’s television (image)
  • Making fights in games scary, specifically pen & paper RPGs
  • …And plenty more sports fans!