The Walruscast 3 Round Two – My Name Is URL

We record episode three again, with devastating effects. It isn’t our usual recording day, we’re using an experimental audio set up and it’s starting to get pretty late; what could possibly go wrong? Well…

In this episode:

  • We engage wrestlemode
  • Balai mentions Infinite Eve Online Universe Toolbox or something
  • The Classycast makes a guest appearance during a not-break
  • A little Portal 2
  • Webcomics are mentioned, kind of. This is the Penny Arcade Andy refers to
  • A teaser for our new podcast – The Porncast – is released
  • Stealth vs Running and Gunning
  • Hitman needs cooperative play
  • Mark lies about throwing knives
  • Edit at Mark’s request: The Chief spits some whack shit about throwing knives
  • The Saint’s Row phenomenon
  • Some bullshit

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