The Walruscast 4 – Trollboob.jpg

Episode four has arrived, on time for once, but only just, no thanks to those meddling kids. We, uh, may have ran over time. Again.

In this episode:

  • We are joined by special guest Sam, who as far as you know has never been on the ‘cast
  • Techno Nazi
  • The game review score discussion, le sigh
  • We each answer the most important question we will ever face
  • Red Dead Island
  • Red Undead Island
  • Andy recommends Xpadder to Myke and any listeners looking to use console controllers with PC games
  • A new element is discovered – crows
  • Cockroachcaine
  • Myke, Sam and Pandy talk about attending the Collectormania convention
  • Plenty more unspeakable shenanigans

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