The Walruscast 5 – Exterminate Spiderman

Children, despair not, you have survived the week and as a reward we deliver unto you episode five of the Walruscast. As an extra special bonus, we’ve even managed to stop escalating episode lengths. Progress!

In this episode:

  • The Marvel Overpower card game
  • We show Jubilee the love she deserves
  • We talk about Portal 2 yet again, we promise we aren’t getting paid to do that
  • Little big Planet discussion starts
  • We talk about some SOE PC games for half an hour
  • Little Big planet discussion ends
  • Myke has a man crush on the Starwars Galaxies emulator project
  • We finish up with Frozen Synapse, the buy-one get-one free deal can be found here
  • Something else? Maybe? Yeah, something else for sure

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