The Walruscast 7 – Bacon Bound Hiphopogryph

This week we are joined by no one. Forever alone. We do introduce a new our first recurring segment though, which may be stolen. Fuck hole.

In this episode:

  • The Duke of Nuke, the video Pandy refers to is here
  • Neverwinter Nights, which is by the best developer ever – Bioware!
  • Discussion on the shapes and sizes wizards come in
  • Character customisation and World of Warcraft’s overabundance of dragons
  • Knights of the Old Republic 2, which isn’t by the best developer ever
  • Magic: the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers: Attack of the Subtitles: 2012
  • We introduce our first assignment, an idea totally ripped off from the excellent Video Games Hot Dog podcast
  • And fuck hole

This week we will be playing: Nox

We will be playing online, look for servers with names along the lines of [Walrus]Quest, the password will be “walrus”. Nox isn’t available on any digital distribution services sadly, but if you order the discs you can download the files whilst you’re waiting for snail mail to catch up. The link provided includes all the patches, the free expansion (which we will primarily be playing) and a noCD patch (required to play on vista of windows 7, yes even if you have the CD, we’ve tried). Playing online will ask you to register, the game’s original servers no longer exist so you can enter any login information without registering and it will work as long as no one else is using the same name as you. Any additional technical issues can probably be fixed by a quick peruse here.


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