The Walruscast 8 – The Jazz Dragon

As a game master, do you ever find your players slow to advance the plot? Do they refuse to stop haggling with the local blacksmith? Do they keep walking past that lever without investigating it? Do they just not get down and funky when required? Then The Jazz Dragon is here to help. Garunteed to bring funk, groove, and sagely jazz-based advice to any game!

In this episode:

  • Pandy is trying out the six day week suggested in this XKCD strip
  • Team Fortress 2 is now free… no, really
  • The TF2 meet the team videos
  • Starwars Galaxies is going away, upsetting all of sixteen people
  • Nox
  • Andrew forgets to makes notes of most of the topics discussed

This week we will be playing: The Ur-Quan Masters (aka. Star Control 2)


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