The Walruscast 9 – Got Wang?

Without it, the world would stand still. We each need a little to get through our day. Our dear Myke Edwards ran out of it during the recording of this episode, causing him to collapse. It’s important to know at all times, whether or not you have wang.

In this episode:

  • Myke saw the Foo Fighters
  • Steam summer sale time is here again
  • Pez despensers
  • Crysis, because if we covered its’ sequel that would almost be timely
  • Killing Floor
  • The Ur-Quan Masters
  • Myke kicks the bucket
  • The remainder of the hosts forge onwards after their cohorts’ untimely demise
  • Microtransactions – or how we don’t like the Mann Co. Store

This week we will be playing: Alien Swarm

We’ll be playing online, if you want a chance to catch us, there are links to our steam profiles on the contact page.


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