The Walruscast 10 – Make Your Farm More Farmier

Sure you may have a farm, but we both know it could be better. Some tricked out rims, a flatscreen and lowering the suspension on your horses are all it takes to make your farm totally bangin’. In other news we have a new longest episode, and a new longest shout-off.

In this episode:

  • Portal 2 once more
  • Micro transactions once more
  • Gun Hand
  • Killing Floor once more
  • Banks don’t accept confectionery
  • Joy Sticks
  • Alien Swarm
  • Alien Swarm spawns several tangents, including a twenty minute argument about leveling in games
  • There’s some crap in there too

This week we will be playing: Moonbase Alpha

We’ll be playing online, if you want a chance to catch us, there are links to our steam profiles on the contact page.


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