The Walruscast 11 – Horse Based Inventory

Your whores can only carry so many saddlebags, so what should you keep and what should you throw away? You should keep that sweet solar panel, that’s for sure. It may take up two of your saddlebags somehow and leave your horse so overworked that it counts as a [Human/Animal/Whore]** rights violation, but you’ve gotta’ get that shit to your sweet space fortress somehow.

**Including both human and whore rights here is of course a joke, we here at Space Walrus studios are aware that whores have no rights.

In this epsiode:

  • Special guest Richard
  • We’ve been blocked by the great firewall of china, we consider this a sign we’ve arrived or something
  • Minecraft Shrooms
  • Mark seems to have co-opted the driver’s seat
  • Portal vs Portal 2
  • Team Fortress 2 tutorials
  • Fallout 3 vs New Vegas
  • Controversy!
  • Solar 2
  • Andy is betrayed by weenie
  • We take a break to watch this video
  • Moonbase Alpha
  • Myke demonstrates he has no idea how the internet works
  • Myke purchased horse armour
  • Myke purchased whores armour
  • Pandy is crazy
  • Like, seriously, something is fucking wrong with Andrew

This week we will be playing: Team Fortress 2

It’s a steam game, so usual drill here people.


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