It’s not a tragedy. Nobody thinks so.

Turns out there was no episode this week. Did you notice that? Neither did we. Weird, eh?

The Walruscast won’t be getting a new installment for a couple of weeks or so, Walrus studios has been temporarily colonised by rebellious forces. Obviously this and our incredible inertia have been impeding our ability to record bullshit. Don’t worry though, we’re going to break out the big guns.

On the contrived bright side, this gives you all additional time to hit us up on League of Legends and beat your head against Hammerfight. You may also wish to spend some of the quality time you’d normally allocate to cuddling up with your twenty-seventh favourite podcast on Frozen Synapse – which is currently on sale and comes recommended by Balai and Andy – or maybe the rad new MC Frontalot album – which is only recommended by Andy, whose word really cannot be trusted; he does after all go out of his way to introduce people to the “greatest” musician to ever live.

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