The Walruscast 20 – My Favourite Jeans & Shoes


In this episode:

  • Mark hijacks another introduction
  • All roads point to Skyrim
  • Minecraft 1.0 is a thing. But not really.
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Skyrim
  • Skyrim
  • We try to start talking about Binding of Isaac
  • Skyrim
  • We actually talk about Binding of Isaac
  • We gain a special guest
  • Skyrim
  • The Ambivitumb and Mystery Thumb are both discovered during discussion on Skyrim
  • We learn about pineapple
  • Adobe unveils a new tecnology
  • DnD 4’s Vampires
  • Dinner Plates
  • Asscreed Revelmans

This week we will be playing: Who are we kidding? We won’t stick to anything


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