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The Walruscast 11 – Horse Based Inventory

Your whores can only carry so many saddlebags, so what should you keep and what should you throw away? You should keep that sweet solar panel, that’s for sure. It may take up two of your saddlebags somehow and leave your horse so overworked that it counts as a [Human/Animal/Whore]** rights violation, but you’ve gotta’ get that shit to your sweet space fortress somehow.

**Including both human and whore rights here is of course a joke, we here at Space Walrus studios are aware that whores have no rights.

In this epsiode:

  • Special guest Richard
  • We’ve been blocked by the great firewall of china, we consider this a sign we’ve arrived or something
  • Minecraft Shrooms
  • Mark seems to have co-opted the driver’s seat
  • Portal vs Portal 2
  • Team Fortress 2 tutorials
  • Fallout 3 vs New Vegas
  • Controversy!
  • Solar 2
  • Andy is betrayed by weenie
  • We take a break to watch this video
  • Moonbase Alpha
  • Myke demonstrates he has no idea how the internet works
  • Myke purchased horse armour
  • Myke purchased whores armour
  • Pandy is crazy
  • Like, seriously, something is fucking wrong with Andrew

This week we will be playing: Team Fortress 2

It’s a steam game, so usual drill here people.


The Walruscast 10 – Make Your Farm More Farmier

Sure you may have a farm, but we both know it could be better. Some tricked out rims, a flatscreen and lowering the suspension on your horses are all it takes to make your farm totally bangin’. In other news we have a new longest episode, and a new longest shout-off.

In this episode:

  • Portal 2 once more
  • Micro transactions once more
  • Gun Hand
  • Killing Floor once more
  • Banks don’t accept confectionery
  • Joy Sticks
  • Alien Swarm
  • Alien Swarm spawns several tangents, including a twenty minute argument about leveling in games
  • There’s some crap in there too

This week we will be playing: Moonbase Alpha

We’ll be playing online, if you want a chance to catch us, there are links to our steam profiles on the contact page.


The Walruscast 9 – Got Wang?

Without it, the world would stand still. We each need a little to get through our day. Our dear Myke Edwards ran out of it during the recording of this episode, causing him to collapse. It’s important to know at all times, whether or not you have wang.

In this episode:

  • Myke saw the Foo Fighters
  • Steam summer sale time is here again
  • Pez despensers
  • Crysis, because if we covered its’ sequel that would almost be timely
  • Killing Floor
  • The Ur-Quan Masters
  • Myke kicks the bucket
  • The remainder of the hosts forge onwards after their cohorts’ untimely demise
  • Microtransactions – or how we don’t like the Mann Co. Store

This week we will be playing: Alien Swarm

We’ll be playing online, if you want a chance to catch us, there are links to our steam profiles on the contact page.


The Walruscast 8 – The Jazz Dragon

As a game master, do you ever find your players slow to advance the plot? Do they refuse to stop haggling with the local blacksmith? Do they keep walking past that lever without investigating it? Do they just not get down and funky when required? Then The Jazz Dragon is here to help. Garunteed to bring funk, groove, and sagely jazz-based advice to any game!

In this episode:

  • Pandy is trying out the six day week suggested in this XKCD strip
  • Team Fortress 2 is now free… no, really
  • The TF2 meet the team videos
  • Starwars Galaxies is going away, upsetting all of sixteen people
  • Nox
  • Andrew forgets to makes notes of most of the topics discussed

This week we will be playing: The Ur-Quan Masters (aka. Star Control 2)


The Walruscast 7 – Bacon Bound Hiphopogryph

This week we are joined by no one. Forever alone. We do introduce a new our first recurring segment though, which may be stolen. Fuck hole.

In this episode:

  • The Duke of Nuke, the video Pandy refers to is here
  • Neverwinter Nights, which is by the best developer ever – Bioware!
  • Discussion on the shapes and sizes wizards come in
  • Character customisation and World of Warcraft’s overabundance of dragons
  • Knights of the Old Republic 2, which isn’t by the best developer ever
  • Magic: the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers: Attack of the Subtitles: 2012
  • We introduce our first assignment, an idea totally ripped off from the excellent Video Games Hot Dog podcast
  • And fuck hole

This week we will be playing: Nox

We will be playing online, look for servers with names along the lines of [Walrus]Quest, the password will be “walrus”. Nox isn’t available on any digital distribution services sadly, but if you order the discs you can download the files whilst you’re waiting for snail mail to catch up. The link provided includes all the patches, the free expansion (which we will primarily be playing) and a noCD patch (required to play on vista of windows 7, yes even if you have the CD, we’ve tried). Playing online will ask you to register, the game’s original servers no longer exist so you can enter any login information without registering and it will work as long as no one else is using the same name as you. Any additional technical issues can probably be fixed by a quick peruse here.


The Walruscast 6 – Utility Belt of Holding

This week we are joined by special guest James Lorimer – of our new intro fame – in order to celebrate the birthday of one of our hosts. Who is it? Myke? only time will tell.

In this episode:

  • We are recording on Myke’s birthday, party hats were mandatory for the entire recording
  • Links to James’ goods forthcoming
  • Our guest talks about Battlefield and Deadspace
  • We whinge about Jubilee yet again
  • The Saxxy awards can be found here
  • Myke plays a crappy phone game
  • Infamous vs Prototype
  • Myke rants about PC gamers, everyone else rebuts
  • John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory is invoked
  • And bears. I think

The Walruscast 5 – Exterminate Spiderman

Children, despair not, you have survived the week and as a reward we deliver unto you episode five of the Walruscast. As an extra special bonus, we’ve even managed to stop escalating episode lengths. Progress!

In this episode:

  • The Marvel Overpower card game
  • We show Jubilee the love she deserves
  • We talk about Portal 2 yet again, we promise we aren’t getting paid to do that
  • Little big Planet discussion starts
  • We talk about some SOE PC games for half an hour
  • Little Big planet discussion ends
  • Myke has a man crush on the Starwars Galaxies emulator project
  • We finish up with Frozen Synapse, the buy-one get-one free deal can be found here
  • Something else? Maybe? Yeah, something else for sure

The Walruscast 4 – Trollboob.jpg

Episode four has arrived, on time for once, but only just, no thanks to those meddling kids. We, uh, may have ran over time. Again.

In this episode:

  • We are joined by special guest Sam, who as far as you know has never been on the ‘cast
  • Techno Nazi
  • The game review score discussion, le sigh
  • We each answer the most important question we will ever face
  • Red Dead Island
  • Red Undead Island
  • Andy recommends Xpadder to Myke and any listeners looking to use console controllers with PC games
  • A new element is discovered – crows
  • Cockroachcaine
  • Myke, Sam and Pandy talk about attending the Collectormania convention
  • Plenty more unspeakable shenanigans

The Walruscast 3 Round Two – My Name Is URL

We record episode three again, with devastating effects. It isn’t our usual recording day, we’re using an experimental audio set up and it’s starting to get pretty late; what could possibly go wrong? Well…

In this episode:

  • We engage wrestlemode
  • Balai mentions Infinite Eve Online Universe Toolbox or something
  • The Classycast makes a guest appearance during a not-break
  • A little Portal 2
  • Webcomics are mentioned, kind of. This is the Penny Arcade Andy refers to
  • A teaser for our new podcast – The Porncast – is released
  • Stealth vs Running and Gunning
  • Hitman needs cooperative play
  • Mark lies about throwing knives
  • Edit at Mark’s request: The Chief spits some whack shit about throwing knives
  • The Saint’s Row phenomenon
  • Some bullshit

The Walruscast 2 – Open Air Brothel

Late as always, and undoubtedly rife with audio issues, here is episode two. Joined by special guests Allan and Shagal, who may just be one person, this is easily the best episode that has a two in it that we have recorded to date.

In this episode:

  • We open with… a contents page?
  • Myke was in Shanghai and has no interesting stories about it
  • Discussion of box art
  • A new Batman gadget is unveiled
  • Andy has been dealing with some tech support lines recently, expect to see him arrested for murder within the week
  • The BBC got hipster all over Andy’s television (image)
  • Making fights in games scary, specifically pen & paper RPGs
  • …And plenty more sports fans!