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Nobody loves you like us

To prove just how much we love you, and to celebrate the release of episode twenty of the Walruscast, we are going to continue our erratic update schedule. No, really, we insist.

Due to conflicting holiday plans and such, there won’t be any new recordings until after Christmas. In the meantime, you’ll have to find somewhere else for your insightless ramblings on Skyrim, The Old Republic and directional thumbs. Actually, alternate sources for one of those might be quite difficult.

Pluggin’ Away

Ever wanted to find out how infrequently Andy shaves? Now you can know! Watch him make a game and a fool of himself (but not shave) either on youtube or the uninspiring website for said project. You could also hit him up on Twitter, that is unless you’re scared.

Bonuscast 01

We recorded a thing today, but were delayed and fed up due to technical issues. It was a bit like this but longer and shittier.

It’s not a tragedy. Nobody thinks so.

Turns out there was no episode this week. Did you notice that? Neither did we. Weird, eh?

The Walruscast won’t be getting a new installment for a couple of weeks or so, Walrus studios has been temporarily colonised by rebellious forces. Obviously this and our incredible inertia have been impeding our ability to record bullshit. Don’t worry though, we’re going to break out the big guns.

On the contrived bright side, this gives you all additional time to hit us up on League of Legends and beat your head against Hammerfight. You may also wish to spend some of the quality time you’d normally allocate to cuddling up with your twenty-seventh favourite podcast on Frozen Synapse – which is currently on sale and comes recommended by Balai and Andy – or maybe the rad new MC Frontalot album – which is only recommended by Andy, whose word really cannot be trusted; he does after all go out of his way to introduce people to the “greatest” musician to ever live.

Digitally Remastered

Episode 0 of The Walruscast has just had a face lift, which only took three months! Yes friends, you can now listen to that inaugural episode without getting a migraine! Episode 10 – oops all shouting match, should still be up later today, so it’s like you got two episodes in one week**!

Unrelated warning: for the next few weeks we will be changing our recording day, so episodes will be uploaded later in the week.

**one of which is identical content-wise to an existing episode


Episode nine of The Walruscast will be late, it’s probably a safe bet that it will be a full week late. Sorry guys.

On the bright side it’s steam mega-sale time again, including, if you move fast, Knights of The Old Republic, one of the many games Pandy has a major hard-on for, not to be confused for the sequel, which leaves Andy mostly flaccid. Yes, we did just get a bun for that link.

Operation: Tits Up

We had some trouble with the site today. Hopefully everything should be back to normal, but if you encounter any issues, please get in contact with Andy. Chances are today’s escapades will only affect iTunes or RSS followers.

The Walruscast 3 – Silence Is Golden

This week we were plagued not by audio issues in the recording, but setup issues during the recording. Three hours were invested into coaxing our new audio rig into life, which was very embarrassing in the presence of a guest to the show. Eventually we decided to revert back to our previous configuration temporarily. Fate, it would seem, had other plans, and by fate, I am of course talking about Audacity, which decided that saving was for losers; creating empty folders apparently being where the real action is at.

TLDR: No episode this week, sorry.


The Walruscast has been approved for iTunes! Horray! If any iTunes users out there would leave us a rating or review on our page, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Episode 3 Episode 2 will, like all episodes thus far, be delayed, this time it isn’t waiting for editing, but waiting for everyone to all be in the same country. We promise that it won’t spend as long in the cutting room as previous episodes though, so our rambling and lies will be up to date.